Self Help

World Reflexology Foundation is a group of highly trained Reflexology leaders, educators and practitioners who have been inspired by our experiences with Reflexology and want to empower people worldwide with the healthful benefits of Reflexology by teaching them to do Self Help and Family Help Reflexology on themselves, their families, communities, towns and villages.

The World Reflexology Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public benefit corporation.


Goal Assess Pre and Post

Our clinicians perform complete assessments to establish our clients’ goals, motivation and roadblocks to peaceful, successful Being. This is done in an informal and fun manner designed to access this information by utilizing plain, clear and direct language that clients can easily follow. Our closure exercises are focused on summarizations of ERTH learning and positive experiences stemming from “bonding” with other participants. Many long lasting friendships are formed during ERTH.



A millenary physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India, Yoga’s goal is the attainment of a state of spiritual insight and tranquility. Experienced Yoga instructors share this practice with our participants as they are immersed in stimulating and natural settings during ERTH.



The ancestral practice of meditation has been linked through scientific research with the following benefits:

  • More prosperity and success

  • Eliminate stress

  • Unshakable inner peace

  • Greater spiritual connection

  • Eliminate self-imposed limitations

  • Increased confidence and motivation

  • Happier relationships

  • End depression

  • Heal emotional trauma

  • Eliminate anger

  • Increased mental clarity, focus and concentration

  • Eliminate the cause of many chronic health problems


Meal sharing and Food Concept

Further bonding and group process takes place among participants as they enjoy delicious health food and carefully planned meals. Gluten free and Vegan upon request.

Sustainable food and wine are important to us. Our goal is to support the region of the Willamette Valley, while providing the most enjoyable culinary experiences possible. We partner with local vintners in serving wine with our meals.



We immerse ourselves in majestic beaches, forests, rivers, lakes and mountains in Oregon and California, through walks/hikes taking into consideration each individual’s level of ability, to induce a state of well-being and powerful processing.

Golf, tennis, swimming, river rafting, local winery tasting, and local seasonal events, such as The Bach Festival and Art in the Vineyard (tickets not included), are among the optional activites available in the awesome environs of our retreats.


Movement Therapy

Movement therapy, a creative arts therapy, is rooted in the expressive nature of dance itself. Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving a direct expression and experience of oneself through the body. It is a basic form of authentic communication, and as such it is an especially effective medium for therapy. Based in the belief that the body, the mind, and the spirit are interconnected, movement therapy is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association as “the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration of the individual.” Movement therapists work with individuals of all ages, groups and families in a variety of settings. They focus on helping their clients improve self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills and relationships, expand their movement vocabulary, gain insight into patterns of behavior, as well as create new options for coping with problems.